Innovation & Creativity Consultancy

My consultancy approach specialises in helping organisations unlock, plan, and deliver new ideas and approaches. I can help you build a creative culture and ecosystem in which ideas are encouraged to flourish.

Innovation is the application of creative ideas to create real impact. It is the lifeblood of business.

As an experienced educator, facilitator, and senior manager I have spent almost two decades successfully bringing forward ideas in large organisations and trying to effect change. I have a long-standing interest in the process of innovation and now study this professionally as part of my work at the University of Bristol.

I have used and developed a range of tools and techniques for helping individuals and organisations unlock and enact creative ideas already latent and also in developing organisational cultures and processes that support sustained innovation.

I could help you or your organisation:

  • Identify barriers to business progress and devise ways to remove them
  • Search for profitable new products or services to develop
  • Devise new strategies and provide new perspectives on solving intractable problems
  • Develop toolkits for staff seeking more innovative practices

More specifically I can help:

  • Design innovation and creativity challenges and competitions
  • Create enterprise and entrepreneurship ecosystems, processes and organisational infrastructure

Consultancy starts with a conversation to determine if I could offer a service or value to you or your organisation.

Case Studies

In my recent roles at Bath Spa University and the University of Bristol I developed ecosystems to support emerging student entrepreneurs and freelancers. At the University of Bristol between 2008 and 2014 I launched the award-winning ‘Basecamp’ student business accelerator, directed an award-winning enterprise bootcamp, and radically overhauled the university’s business plan competition – the New Enterprise Competition. Overall this tripled the number of annual business plan declarations, led directly to the creation of many successful start-ups, and influenced the university’s attitude to enterprise to such an extent that enterprise is now a core part of the emerging education strategy.

At Bath Spa University I launched the ‘BathSparks’ scheme, again providing an ecosystem for emerging entrepreneurs. This included the development of new resources, a new website, new events, and a series of challenges which helped us draw out and support students with ideas for start-ups and freelance careers. Again we tripled the number of annual business idea declarations, helped create successful start-ups, and led to a strategic commitment to the embedding of enterprise principles across the institution’s curriculum.

In 2013 I worked with the national Start-up Loans scheme to resolve difficulties that this government-backed scheme had encountered working with the Higher Education sector. I helped brief senior staff and agents who were working directly with students. Complaints were significantly reduced and negative press coverage plummeted.