Threshold Concepts in Entrepreneurial Thinking – The Toolkit for Educators

As you may know from a previous blog back in the summer I’ve been working on some EEUK-funded research exploring so-called Threshold Concepts in Entrepreneurial Thinking.

Well, Dr Lucy Hatt and I finished our work and wrote it all up as a toolkit for other educators to use!

You can find the whole toolkit here on the ETC Toolkit Site.

Our toolkit is for enterprise and entrepreneurship educators who:

  • Want to help their students develop a better understanding of entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Want to engage colleagues and stakeholders in discussion about what is taught, learnt, and assessed, and why.
  • Want to build both consensus within an educator team and differentiation from other disciplines or domains of practice by aligning, rationalising, and demarcating what is meant by entrepreneurial thinking.

Within the toolkit you’ll find:

  • A complete account of the process we used at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Bristol
  • Short, Medium, and Long versions of the process; ranging from individual exercises, through group workshops, and onto full Transactional Curriculum Inquiries. Includes a card-set and an online version!
  • Versions of our long-listed concepts and final 7 CfIE Threshold Concepts
  • and more!

Let Lucy and I know how you get on – we’d be fascinated to hear what you and your team make of our concepts or what you decide is on your list!

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