Dare to Share

Lots of ideas start off in ‘stealth mode’: "It was my secret hobby, very much for my own amusement", this is how a now successful full-time children's author got started - with his 'secret hobby' of writing on his daily commute. However, central to many strategies for successful start-up ventures is the importance of sharing … Continue reading Dare to Share

A Vehicle for Creativity

One major factor in initiating, developing, and feeling satisfied by a side project is creativity. Both my own interview subjects and the stories detailed by the Do Lecture's Side Project Report consistently highlight either the subject's desire to simply write/make/create/design/build or their desire to do so in pursuit of their own goals (rather than solely … Continue reading A Vehicle for Creativity

Side Project Stories #5: The Cycle Touring Festival

As part of my ongoing exploration of ‘Side Projects’ I’ve been interviewing some individuals whose extra-curricular activities might help investigate and explore both the nature of side projects and the strategies for success. For the fifth interview in the series I caught up with another friend whose side-projects are not just passion projects but really values-driven in … Continue reading Side Project Stories #5: The Cycle Touring Festival