Side Project Club

(for people who change the world on a part-time basis.)


Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

**The Side Project Club is currently on a break – please email to get in touch about it**

The Side Project Club is a fortnightly breakfast club for students and staff at the University of Bristol who do stuff beyond their studies, beyond their day-job, stuff that might be part-time today but change the world (even a little bit) tomorrow.

Do you have:

  • A ‘passion project’ that means more to you than a ‘hobby’?
  • A start-up company or charity that is just getting going?
  • A bit of freelancing making some useful extra money?
  • A BIG project that only just fits into your spare time?

If so, we are your tribe. Come along and meet other people doing big things in the small spaces of their day.

My Side Project is other people’s Side Projects

For almost three years I’ve been spending my spare time exploring how other people use their spare time to launch side-projects of all kinds – new businesses, freelance careers, charities, events and more. From cookery blogs and record labels to major events and successful start-ups, side projects are how everyday people express their creativity, kick-start their ideas and change the world (part-time). It has been said that every start-up started as a side-project.

One of the secrets of successful side-projects that I’ve discovered is that sharing your idea with like-minded people who can advise, support, validate, challenge, and keep you sane, is really really important.

Check out my TEDx Talk from January 2018 on the value of ‘Starting up a Side Project’

So I’ve started another project – a self-help network for people with big ideas and no time.

The Club

Come along for a breakfast or beverage at the Source Cafe in Beacon House between 8am and 9am every other Monday from the start of the Autumn Term and we will:

  • Show and Share our stories for inspiration, validation, and laughs.
  • Advise and Support one-another with motivation, ideas, tactics, and resources.
  • Commit to collective coaching and goal-setting to continue to get stuff done.
  • Start the week by connecting up people and projects with passion!

Come and join us.

Check out my January 2019 blog on Why, What, and How to start-up a side project.

Check out the Do Lecture’s Side Project Report for a comprehensive set of inspiring stories and pro tips for Side Projects.

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Next Meeting: TBC

Read some of my Side Project blogs for inspiration:

  • Mel Rodrigues, Director of TEDxBristol, the biggest side-project event in Bristol?
  • Will Mabbitt, scribbling commuter turned successful author.
  • Tracy Johnson, escapee UoB staff-member turned freelance coach/personal trainer/author and more
  • Gav Strange, Aardman Director and ‘King of Side Projects’