The Lockdown Side Project

Right now, here in the UK, we’re in COVID-19 lockdown, which is all kinds of weird. Some of us have more time on our hands stuck at home, others of us have less time particularly if we’re entertaining small children whilst still trying to work from home!

I’m in that later camp so I’ll keep this brief!

In such strange times we find a lot of daily rituals have been torn up, a lot of day-to-day assumptions have been cast aside, a lot of supposed *rules* about our lives have altered. If we had the time we may be reflecting on all this, wondering what the ‘new normal’ will be when it comes, and mulling over the changes we might want to make when we get there.

If you’re:

  • Looking to do something worthwhile with new-found spare time, or…
  • Trying to build your skills or portfolio to stay sharp, or…
  • Getting ready for a new move or change of direction once lockdown is lifted, or…
  • Trying to change the world, or at least your own world, or…
  • Even just try and stay sane…

Maybe a side project is the answer?

Change your rules: start up a side project – my TEDx talk is here:

My 10 key tips for side project success blog is here:

My current working summary of what side projects are all about are here:

And there are 17 ‘side project stories’ featuring inspiring and approachable examples on my blog here:


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